Microbuilder, community construction kit


‘Limitation and Reduction’ seem to be the two aesthetic principles upon which the largest online community of musicians, fans of 8bit sounds: Micromusic.net. Born at the turn of the millennium it has become the reference point for thousands of musicians and music lovers of the use of sound to ‘low resolution’ that are found in its online space to share the experience of use and creation, in an aesthetic reuse amused the old Personal Computing Machinery. Its editors, which in turn form the eponymous band, instead of trying to ‘capitalize’ on the community so created, trying to ‘milk it’ commercially in any way, they decided to give back to the community ‘itself of its importance, in historicizing an operation that makes public its cultural capital and replicable its development model. Microbuilder is in fact a box containing a book that collects diverse and varied contributions of the 8-bit scene, an audio CD, a CD of mp3 downloaded over time by users, a compilation with more software emulation of the old platforms co-produced together Domizil label and a CD-ROM with all the software needed to usher in a new community, local or international, does not matter. With an enviable attention to detail, the book and box are digitally printed and customized for each customer, including even a couple of badges and a Swiss boxcutter. Is enclosed in a box so the experience of years, replicable on your own server and immediately evolvable mode and content different from the original. In this sense, the portability of a specific model that transmits the information to be duplicated infinite structure that enables the production, creating the basis for a replication of specific platforms and therefore the generation of related content. The process is that of a community that is abstracted, and through its own model developed collectively generates other communities, in a virtuous process capable of implementing the social network in specific sets.