Internet Art

Rachel Greene

Thames and Hudson, ISBN 0500203768 What is a book about net art? Few topics are in fact so impalpable and controversial as, where the artistic media through the intricate network cables, medium which is in its very nature unstable, invisible and, for many, still poorly understood. Not to mention the historicizing of the phenomenon and the taxonomy that over the years have repeatedly attempted to realize, looking now to the issues dealt with, now to the various media made alchemy, or focusing on the works rather than on the authors, both possible nodal points for the construction of a speech overall. Aside from the overt historical roots, assodate in most of the available literature, in fact, any further historical analysis has been systematically developed along arbitrarily branched, often choosing according to strict criteria, but not yet universal, the striking achievements. This text compiled by the executive director of, one of the most followed of the scene, then track, another reliable path in the panorama of books on the subject (including the eponymous text of Julian Stallabrass and Italian Net art ). The daily experience here is summarized in a synthesis of excellence, documenting sometimes important conceptual connections with works and practices of the recent past. But perhaps precisely this need a book about net art, that is, to investigate its connections with the history of contemporary art and society that generated it, which it has done and continues to do it occasionally a powerful tool d 'conceptual expression and aesthetics.