Battlefield Vietnam: The Great Debate.

Joseph Delappe

Move information multiplied by the mass media hype and place them in new contexts instantly displaces the multitude of users accustomed to the fluctuation of news plausible. When then also display the protagonists undergo a significant transformation, the game is done, and implements a critical reinterpretation of the news, while maintaining character immediately recognizable. Battlefield Vietnam: The Great Debate by Joseph Delappe was a performance in which was repeated slavishly the first public debate between George W. Bush and John Kerry in the environment of the online game 'Battlefield Vietnam'. Not new to the performance of this type (see Quake Friends ), the artist has changed from time to time in the listing, arguing the text during eight hours of activity. The reactions were so genuine (anger and banned from the server on duty) so all of a sudden political dialogue, giving rise to an absurd political stage temporary. The fight originally conducted through verbal weapons, and sublimated by the shrewd direction of a program, is returned to a more direct metaphor, ie the military, not only directly mentioning the ongoing controversy between the two candidates, but by challenging the sacred aura democratic process of debate and choice, which is a hypocrite dogma in the U.S.