New forms Festival 2003, inter [sec / ac] tion.

Is in progress at the Round House Community Centre in Vancouver the 2003 edition of the New forms Festival , which entitles its third edition of 'inter [sec / ac] tion', ie art that intersects the media and disciplines interacting with artists, academics, students and the whole community at large. Camille Baker has taken care of both of the installations that relating to the Among the first were David Rokeby, Shirin Kouladjie , Andrea Polli ('The Fly's Eye', the processes of vision in flight), Fabian Winkler ('Clink!', a color-mixer interactive cocktail glasses), Kenneth Newby, Aleksandra Dulic, Joanne Woods ('Peekaboo', past and present in a dark room), Julie Andreyev and Christpher Kowal ('VJ-Fleet', minivans where screens are mounted on the back to see the video mixing and broadcasting in Fm a DJ set which is carried inside), Owen Milburn and Dominic Girard, Reva Stone ('Carnivale 3.0', video and audio into a human shape emptied), Paul Wong ('Hungry Ghosts', the spirit of death in his fragments memory), Paul Catanese ('Super Ichthyologist Advance', a Gameboy Advance modified to display inside a fish imprisoned). In the section, however, the art on the net are 'terminus1525', a collaborative pilot project, Anne-Marie Schleiner – ' Velvet Strike ', Garrett Lynch with '_pause' and 'bannerart' , 'Oculart' , Agricola de Cologne , akuvido – Stadt Sound Station, Andrew Ackerman – 'Rose Breathing' a synthetic view, Ian Andrews – 'Ether1' and 'Fluoroscopy', generative works inspired by shortwave radio transmissions, Room – '', a collection of sound experiments on the web, Jody Zellen – ' Disembodied Voices ', Kate Armstrong and Jeremy Turner -' IN_CORP ', a performance seen on the corporation as an entity transhuman, LeCielEstBleu -' PuppetTool ', Michaël Sellam -' La Langue if Charge ', Tal Halpern – 'Digital Nature: the Case Collection', a work that transforms an online catalog of a library in an experimental narrative, David Clark – ' A is for Apple 'and Paul Thomas -' Spatial Emergence: Transphysical City ', on the relationship between space, place and their perception. Video, film, performance, sound art, and evening concerts complement the full-bodied program.