Looking for an issuer wi-fi: floppy disks and signaling.

The research points to wi-fi, as well as having triggered the urban sport of war-chalking, where users report the nodes open or semi-open in the vicinity of which you can connect to the network, sparked the creativity in building up assets Transmission to facilitate the search of the stray signals through the air. Thomas Gee has created functional antenna from an old disk to 3 "1/2 punctured by a few staples properly shaped. The Disquett Antenna is a low-fi prototype hacking paradoxically applied to the latest technologies. Kensington At the same time put on the market a device to test a doubt, the WiFi detector consisting of a little box that, without any other software, hardware or cables, the pressure of the one button This indicates that the level of access at that point through three colored LEDs that detect signals 802.11b and 802.11g type from a distance of sixty meters, filtering out other signals such as cordless phones and Bluetooth network.