BumpList, a mailing list in a FIFO queue.

The type of data queue FIFO (First In, First Out) is one of the oldest structures in the programming, and it is an original idea to apply it to a type of social system infrastructure telematics as a mailing list. BumpList, an email community for the determined by Jonah Brucker-Cohen, who has already realized Desktop Subversibles and Streaming Media , does just that, ie delete from the list the oldest member when a new entry arrives. Questioning the much touted model of open list and the rules of social interaction with a mechanism of automatic exclusion and equal, Cohen emphasizes another feature of the machine, which creates an automatic process and dehumanized capable of triggering a little chaos regolamentabile when applied to a social model. Although it is always possible to re-enroll, the mechanism circular flow of work characterized the list as a unique, emphasizing the structure (competitive) rather than its actual content.