Net Art Open 2003, the virtual curator.

The role of the curator to select and emphasize the work of an exhibition is so essential? And above all, infinite in the free online accessibility and interconnectivity of electronic works, what sense have the 'restrictions' imposed by those who are appointed to weave the threads of a theme? They are the open questions to which Arthur Doyle X, 'director of virtual curating' the Irish Museum of Modern Art has challenged, responding for the second year with an interesting and challenging part of the initiative. Now in its second edition, in fact, the Net Art Open , is an exhibition in which each entry is accepted, without reservation. The quality of the work submitted in the previous year was more than decent earning an undisputed success and this time the jobs are less than 178 with a pleasing eclecticism in themes and techniques adopted. This innovative approach to insurance this year introduces a further element, leaving the artists themselves responsible for reporting in turn another project judged to be excellent. Among the best known names in participating in the initiative: Tamara Lai, Gina Czarnecki , Chatonsky Gregory , Valery Grancher , Agricola de Cologne , Thomson & Craighead , Abe Linkoln , Reynald Drouhin , Shirin Kouladjie , / Peter Horvath , Michaël Sellam , Kate Armstrong and Andrej Tisma .