Desktop Subversibles, the consciousness of the mouse.

Desktop Subversibles is the site that collects different software developed by Jonah Brucker-Cohen's Media Lab Europe, already the author of Clipit! , the author has subsequently developed mini applications can outline the continued operation of the mouse, the physical instrument is perhaps the most invisible the human-computer with its constantly be moved and pressed it allows the passage of the functional processes. Three, in particular, are the latest creations of Brucker-Cohen. 'MouseMiles' counts the distance the mouse travels, quantified in miles, and points out the paradox of the great distances eaten in weeks and months from an object conceived, however, only to indicate choices and objects within a very limited screen size . The constant growth of the counters makes the accumulation of displacements inducing a greater awareness of their own movements. 'Mousetraces' instead represents a conceptual step in the next communication bidirazionale after the Instant Messengers. Indeed, it is a small software that allows two people in your network to see each other's mouse movements coloring them differently. An abstract communication but immediate and visible, and superimposed in real time, using the mouse no longer as a meta-tool, but as a direct tool. 'Clicks', finally, count the clicks made by each user and assigns a note, 'by playing' collectively at a given server, and at the same time providing an insight into general activity seen through the intensity of the output sound. In preparation for a 'Clicks_LiveMixer', which consetirebbe anyone to 'hear the clicks as input, mixing them according to their characteristics.