Chiangmai New Media Art Festival.

For the inauguration of the first in Bangkok Chiangmai New Media Art Festival have chosen a collective performance enabled network with poor means. On April 28th at noon (Italian time) are all invited to manifest itself through sound Speak Freely, a freeware for Windows released under the GPL which uses the GSM compression, to the address provided by the organizers in advance by email. Program it provides an impressive twenty-one days of presentations, workshops and screenings of short films such as Academy of Media Arts Cologne and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, or experimental films of the German IMAF. Also the very long list of artists of net and web art participating in the event, including Shirin Kouladjie , Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga , Agricola de Cologne , Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung , Peter Horvath , Doron Golan (computerfinearts) , Jody Zellen , Paul Catanese , Brandon Barr / Garrett Lynch , and many others.