Net-ago Tunisian dissident hunger strike in prison.

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31.01.03 Net-ago Tunisian dissident hunger strike in prison.
Tunisian dissident Zouhair Yahaoui is a publisher of the ezine satirical Tunezine . In June 2002 he was sentenced to two years' imprisonment for 'spreading false information', and now, in prison is in critical condition. His girlfriend says that it is locked in a mega-cell that houses a hundred people, and that the demand for health care for an abscess and repeated headaches seen settled with two aspirin. Now he has embarked on a hunger strike that wants to protest against this inhumane prison regime, and in support moved Reporters Without Borders and Amnesty International, claiming that he was arrested without just cause and that he was made a regular trial, in addition to the complaint of several incidents of torture. On Tunezine are the updates of the story and a petition for his release.