Digital Media Festival 2002 in Manila.

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01.10.02 Digital Media Festival 2002 in Manila.
Inaugurated on October 1, Manila (Philippines), the Digital Media Festival 2002 , an event organized by Fatima Lasay that finds its characterization in the enhancement of fresh local energies in comparison with some international curators that illustrate their projects online and off. The media art installations, in fact, are made by the students of digital art in collaboration with some well renowned national artists and archaeologists, including a major workshop entitled 'Writing as Visual Form' which explores the system of writing evaluated as an artifact cognitive, interpreting its projection in contemporary culture. The main theme, in fact, expressed in local language is 'Iugnay' or the verb 'to connect', through what is referred to as 'pay-uugnay', ie the past to the future together. International co-operation are different and targeted finally: 'Mudras: Actions as Symbol' with digital work of the students of Tabor, 'Violens' On-Line Festival' (qv) and 'Peripheral Basics On-Line Project with Agricola de Cologne,' Sacrificial Spaces' with works by students of Fundamental Patterns, 'Muling Pagkabuhay' a mixed project of digital art and mail art and 'The Hidden War', a banner art project in collaboration with Brandon Barr Banner Art Collective and