Web Racket, web art of storytelling.

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22:08:02 Web Racket, web art of storytelling.
Inaugurated at the DeCordova Museum in Somerville (Massachusetts-USA), Web Racket is an exhibition of five projects of web art that play with the conventions of storytelling, be it on a video game or a work of literature. Just video games, for example, are at the center of the work of Michael Mittelman, while the overlap between typography and visual text read by a synthetic voice characterizes 'Help' Dane. Particularly interesting proves 'The Jew's Daughter' by Judd Morrissey dynamically changing a text to the passages of the mouse recombining phrases instantly to completely change the way in a chaos induced almost accidentally by the user. But even 'Little Red Riding Hood' (Little Red Riding Hood) by Donna Leishman rewrites the famous tale through an urban nightmare with the interaction that takes place through rollovers and clickable areas to guess, as the diary dell'indifesa girl (give a better ' look in the trash) …