Tech ToolBox Action Camp, seminars on the internet for activists.

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8:07:02 Tech ToolBox Action Camp, seminars on the internet for activists.
The Ruckus Society of Oakland has arranged for a week the first Tech ToolBox Action Camp, a week of workshops in which 230 activists have been taught to make profitable use computers and the internet. Some of the teachers came from courageous experiences of online journalism as, seeking to publish important news ignored by the rest of the media, attracting a significant slice of users. The campsite where he played the whole thing was about one hundred miles from San Francisco, and the purpose, judging by the enthusiasm largely achieved was to be able to convey knowledge on how best to use the web, email, and streaming to broadcast its messages. Here, as Hackmeeting Italian, photographers were not allowed, nor cameras or intrusive journalists, as those are typically large networks. In a week the technical infrastructure has been set up with a satellite receiver and an electrical generator capable of giving energy to some servers, and dozens of sixty pc laptop. Many of the participants stated at the end of a lot especially have benefited from the exchange of experiences with other groups, being able to directly compare respectively are used as network instruments for such purposes.