alpha3.4, internet physics.

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02:07:02 alpha3.4, internet physics.
The group has created one of the few jobs that relate to the internet for this year's edition of Documenta. Their project, Alpha 3.4 , consists of a walk from Kassel, the German city where Documenta is held in Kiel, where the servers are physically the event. The group wrote a software along with a team of programmers called 'Webwalker' Sailing the net while they walk, drawing on data from a mobile server that they bring with them along with some handheld and a GPS system to be online all the time . The concept is to try to make 'physical' the virtual, or to give a physical interpretation of what it is not, and then to think of a physical internet, in fact. Concept that actually has its own image, that of all the servers connected to each other, but are dependent more and more politically political regimes of the countries that host them. Another aspect of the design of this work is to slow down a technology that makes the increase in speed one of his strengths. Walking, using a lot of effort and time, the task is left to the human, and track them automatically and with little computational effort, it is the easy job of the computer involved, with an ironic and significant reversal of roles. A contemporary journey, therefore, made with the contemplation of our relationship with computer technology carried out with the timing of physical movement, thus dilating thoughts and reactions to unusual rhythms.