Yaha.E, worms attack the site of the Pakistani government.

. Hacktivism

27.06.02 Yaha.E, worms attack the site of the Pakistani government.
The website of the government of Pakistan seems to have been the victim of an attack launched by a worm, or a computer virus that takes advantage of the network structure. The worm is called 'Yaha.E', was identified for the first time on June 15th, and contains code designed in part to trigger an attack such as 'denial of service', quite rudimentary, at the URL above. According to F-Secure Corporation, the worm causes the infected computer to make repeated attempts to connect to the government website, which with sufficient diffusion causes the DoS. The service information on the virus MessageLabs said that were blocked about 7,000 infections Yaha.E, which is transmitted as an attachment to email messages, headlines and content from rather different. Yaha.E propagates through the columns of addresses of Windows, and lists of ICQ and Yahoo Pager, and contains other code capable of neutralizing anti-virus software and firewall. According to Roger Thompson, an expert on the ICSA Labs, the worm creates a text file on the computer that encourages crackers and virus writers to join the Indians 'tHE GFORCE-Pak Shites', with a possible reference to the Pakistani crew of G-Force. Another worm was implementing this type of tactic: the Code Red who was trying to connect to the site of the White House with the Microsoft IIS web server.