with | text, net art literature.

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04.06.02 with | text, net art literature.
with | text is accessible online net art exhibition conceived that, in the words of its editors, as 'an exploration of our changing relationship with the world of words' is in 'Stasis_Space', the section dedicated to online exhibitions of Stasisfield. com, curated by John Kannenberg. Eight works present:] and_scape [Agricola de Cologne (see ] and_scape [, net art nuclear ) 'Incidental Music' by Glenn Bach, a sound work obtained by the author footpaths starting from his home and the terms that are can read seamless along the way. 'Throw Away Piece' by Daniel Javed, a font for pc and mac consists of rough scans of labels and warnings of commercial products, 'degradation' of Josh Russell, the image of a text that slopes down to the pure abstract form, 'Confined Discernment 'Erasmus and Sarah Jessica Loseby, a delicate hypertext graph contains a brief history, its hidden meanings and some vocals, and' Discrepancies in the mapping of the west 'of Kenric McDowell' a piece on female accomplices communications. Two, finally, Italians included in the restricted selection: Luigia Cardarelli with 'context', a dramatic animation of text (the term context) in three dimensions with a relentless background which stops just as the rest of the movement at first click, starting again after a while, and 'txt2sound' of g ¿., an interesting and original algorithm, released under the GNU, which creates sounds from representation 'graphic' the word, ie translating the sounds in their representation letters and fonts.