Interactive Arts Festival.01, net art selection.

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22/04/02 Interactive Arts Festival.01, net art selection.
In the Kwan Fong Gallery at California Lutheran University was inaugurated by about ten days an international exhibition of online by 's Interactive Arts Festival.01 . Curated by Raul Ferrera-Balanquet, included 14 works by artists from around the globe. Are testable in the order: 'Evolution of the process' Jemma Anderson and Justin Barkhuff, a flash video that allows you to analyze in sequence the evolution of a painting, 'Globalize' India's Anjali Arora that combines reflections on the digital divide collage hi-low-tech multi-colored 'Impermanencia' of Mexican Natalia Blanch, a small archive of poems organized according to the sounds and words, 'External Memory Access Device' Victor Martinez Diaz, based on 5 paintings located on the four points Cardinals no longer the center, which treats obesity as a metaphor of human development and the body as a means of individual memories and speeches, 'Space / / The Real, The Fantastic and The In-Between' coordinated by Juan Devis, a series of stories Angelenos in the suburbs of mixed media flash-vector with overlapping photos from the true (and revealed by the click), 'Frontera Sur' of the same Raul Ferrera-Balanquet, an exploration of the historical and lively south coast of Mexico, 'Self Portrait in Vector' Indonesian RE Hartanto, an autobiography animated flash pop aesthetics of the author, 'Desktoptheater' Adriane Jenink, an interactive way where users become avatar of a multimedia performance, 'Collateral Assets' Deb King, a collective collage of personal photos with the title of the work out, 'No-Content' Brian Mackern (see ), 'Bad for your Health Wrong Color', flash animations of the South African Mustafa Maluka where 'interaction is hidden in invisible links,' El Exilio de Gradel 'Argentinean Adolfo Schneidewind, an information database on the diaspora of the Argentine people. Also two Italian: Carlo Zanni with 'The Church of Software' (see Net Italian art: the landscapes of the church of the software. ) and Mauro Ceolin with 'The Flash Movies' (see Net art Italian: RGB Project. ).