Hacking a sect of Chinese television.

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04/04/02 Hacking television of a sect Chinese.
Seven members of the group Falun Gong were arrestrati and charged with having used a system of cable television in North China in order to distribute unauthorized material of their group. Falun Gong consists of the teachings of meditation made ​​public in 1922, and touted by the group's founder Li Hongzhi. His followers are now at odds with the Chinese authorities who see it as a dangerous cult and does not have tolerated public demonstrations a few years ago. They were protesting against the government and its ban on associating with meditative practices, ethical and religious principles. The activists intervened in the 'first-time' of the seven in the evening sent out to the cities of Changchun and Songyuan in Jilin Province, claiming the innocence of their arrested comrades, whose verdict would be issued the next day. The transmission pirate was accomplished with self-financed equipment, and lasted 10 minutes, explaining the principles of the group and why they categorically refused the government's accusations.