Poetic Dialogues 1.0.

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15:03:02 Poetic Dialogues 1.0.
Poetic Dialogues 1.0 , Yusef Merhi, Argentine artist living in New York, is a work of net art including eighteen short films, converted in flash, acquired with the tiny camera with a sophisticated wristwatch. Each of the movies, in an approximate black and white, shows a person who reads a short poetic verse. Clicking on the 'play again' generates a new poem with three movies combined in a random order, through one of the 216 possible combinations. The artist, a lot of polemic against the net art in general, firmly believes that poetry transmute objects into works of art in the same way that transforms the noise into music, and plays well with the principles of cut and sew report burroughsiana memory, adapting to the voice recited in video. 'Poetic Dialogues' is derived from 'Poetic Clock', an installation presented at the exhibition Exit Art in 2000 which converted the time in poetry, generating 86,400 different lyrics in one day.