RSA Conference dedicated to Mary Queen of Scots.

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18:02:02 RSA Conference dedicated to Mary Queen of Scots.
The RSA Conference 2002 has been dedicated to Mary Queen of Scots (Bloody Mary), which accused of plotting to kill her cousin Elizabeth I to restore Catholicism in England, in October 1586 was sentenced to death, after the symbolic code with which he had written the letters to the other conspirators had been brilliantly deciphered, though not completely, but sufficiently to reveal his accomplices and plan. The conference will be held in San Jose from today (18/02) until February 22, and takes place through a dense program of workshops and seminars on virtually all issues of cryptography, privacy and information security, including 'Cyber ​​Crime and Cyber ​​Terrorism Threats to Our Nation's Security 'held by Bush's cybersecurity adviser Richard Clarke and' Copyright or Copy Wrong: Digital Millennium Copyright Act Examined 'attended by Steven Levy and John Perry Barlow.