Indymedia under attack.

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20:02:02 Indymedia under attack.
Searches and seizures have woken up this morning (20/02) the occupants of Gabrio (Torino), the House Occupied GSA Cecco Rivolta (Florence), TPO (Bologna) and the seat of the COBAS (Taranto). The police have seized all that they have found relating to Indymedia , one of the few sources of information open and independent, which enjoys a huge following online and offline, even for the rich documentation that systematically collected on politically relevant facts, when not tragic as those of Genoa. As usual were seized PC, CD-ROM and VHS, all in the public domain, sometimes temporarily putting its knees cultural activity carried out, as in the case of TPO. One of the first responses is that the opening of a counter inquiry on what is increasingly taking on the tone of a wave of repression.