DVDs ignore the protections of the CD.

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31.12.01 DVDs ignore the protections of the CD.
According to the online magazine TechTV, the soundtrack of 'The Fast and the Furious.' you can safely copy despite its protection with the Cactus Data Shield, used by Universal to protect it from unauthorized duplication. According to the article author Patrick Norton, on a Windows computer, just inserted the CD automatically launches the software 'CactusPJ audio player', which makes him listen exclusively through its decoding. But at least one DVD player does not 'see' the protection showing the CD like any other compact music. Although the track number 1 present some difficulties the others, 13 can simply listen with any player (WinAMP or Windows Media Player, for example) and no obstacle encounters a later burning. The DVD drive in question is the NEC DV-5700A on a Dell laptop is running on Win98, but that has also been tested with XP.