Electrofringe Festival.

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27.09.01 Electrofringe Festival.
Begins today in Newcastle, New South Wales, in Australia, the ' Festival Electrofringe a huge demonstration that collects hundreds of artists, media workers, musicians and creators of video games. A full program of workshops, presentations and conferences including 'Media.teck' sites, pornography and fake logo censored to reflect on the notions of art, censorship and copyright; 'The Political and the Absurd: Humour in Sampling', l ' Dadaist and ironic approach to sampling; 'Wet Dreams Made Solid', presentation of Liquid Architecture, national festival of sound art; 'The Intellectual Property Wars: Cultural Recycling as Cultural Activism', Steev Hise of Detritus.net presents an overview of the community of recycled cultures 'NOT Culture Jamming', use texts and images to participate in the wars of information; 'Girls and Gaming', only women talking of shoot em up, add-ons, hacks and patches. It will close on October 1.