CD anti-copy: Michael Jackson and U2.

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26.09.01 anti-copy CD: Michael Jackson and U2.
The new album by Michael Jackson (Rock Your World) will not be able to listen on your PC, thanks to the protection adopted by Sony for the European market. Jackson, in fact, have already protected the first single (distributed to radio), but without reporting any warning on the packaging, or providing any public announcement, and according to some rumors, the protection would be the SafeAudio adopted by Macrovision. The British Campaign for Digital Rights is openly protesting because it believes that consumers are clearly disadvantaged by these choices, as for the integration of security codes damages the quality of the audio without their knowledge. Meanwhile, Universal (allied Sony) announced that it is adopting a similar policy that would allow readers to listen through cd-rom, but would prevent the transfer of the tracks on the PC. The same major planned among its objectives the protection of all its new cd, including the next U2 album, by the spring of 2002.