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A / B-Turux

The algorithms underlying the generative artifacts constitute an authentic language of systematic creation, incorporating the unpredictability of organic reality with parametric control of the computer code. Dextro, Lia and the rest of the team of Viennese


A symbiotic encounter of frequencies. This is what stands out in this cd+, which features the collaboration between the australians Oren Ambarchi (honorary mention at the Ars Electronica Festival 2003) and Martin NG (avant-garde turntablist), and

Hard Disk

Tuning sounds and visuals by fingering a touchpad and a keyboard is an art as complex as playing music and projecting a video. Moreover, including sounds and visuals in a normal compact disc without sacrificing the

Safe Distance

This video, recovered in 1999 during the NATO air attacks against Yugoslavia, is a rare document of the United States military aviation technologies, ‘found’ and decoded after the downing of a plane of the invincible atlantic


Conceived as a project pre-opening of the new Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, recently opened, OpenMind is a CD with eight audio tracks and four software, made to represent a cross-section of members of the historical