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A symbiotic encounter of frequencies. This is what stands out in this cd+, which features the collaboration between the australians Oren Ambarchi (honorary mention at the Ars Electronica Festival 2003) and Martin NG (avant-garde turntablist), and

Hard Disk

Tuning sounds and visuals by fingering a touchpad and a keyboard is an art as complex as playing music and projecting a video. Moreover, including sounds and visuals in a normal compact disc without sacrificing the

Safe Distance

This video, recovered in 1999 during the NATO air attacks against Yugoslavia, is a rare document of the United States military aviation technologies, ‘found’ and decoded after the downing of a plane of the invincible atlantic


Conceived as a project pre-opening of the new Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, recently opened, OpenMind is a CD with eight audio tracks and four software, made to represent a cross-section of members of the historical