“Not available on the App Store” a viral sticker (which can be bought for 1 dollar or self-made) used to remark difference between material-based and screen-based excitement http://notonappstore.com

“All I know and then some” by Addie Wagenknecht is a big handwriting covering a whole wall with a sequence of repeating sentences starting with “I will not download things that get me into trouble” and ending with “I will not download things” http://placesiveneverbeen.com/index.php/all-i-know-and-then-some/

Mountain by David OReilly, is a “consequential” videogame, as you’re a mountain and your development (which passively lasts for the whole game) is determined by answers to initial questions http://mountain-game.com

The Cave of Sounds by Tim Murray-Browne is an array of eight original musical instruments developed by respective authors and arranged in circle, in order to be played chorally in an installation http://timmb.com/cave-of-sounds/

Shadow Box Attractions (variation 2) by David Stout is an installation composed of a three screens that uses a specific “chamber simulation” to generate drawings. https://vimeo.com/60657228

Tether is a web application by Jono Brandel visualising a Plaid tune that can be influenced by the user, drawing a path (source code is free). http://tether.plaid.co.uk

A music video for the single Music Is Life by the Japanese band SOUR realised by designers Masashi Kawamura and Kota Iguchi, where animations are made with custom CDs used as a phenakistoscope, or as still images which appear to animate when rotating on a disc.

Brazilian activists hacks packages of World Cup figurines (figurines can be effective media, too) http://oglobo.globo.com/sociedade/ativistas-hackeiam-pacotes-de-figurinhas-da-copa-do-mundo-12523929

Human Error by Victoria Siemer aka Witchoria, Mac OS X notifications and warnings used for sentimental life https://www.behance.net/gallery/15086645/Human-Error-(Ongoing-Series-Updated-Weekly)

Is the Art World Starting to ‘Get’ Digital Art? Maybe but mostly the wrong one, judging from this article on Vice http://motherboard.vice.com/read/the-art-world-is-starting-to-get-digital-art