The criticism of violence 2.0, glamour leash


Anger is part of human nature and although it can have useful and adaptive purposes for the individual, it is also considered a negative emotion. In any case, in the event that uncontrolled anger takes over, it can easily turn into rage and trigger violent reactions, both verbal and physical, that are unacceptable and destructive to both the angry subject and those around him/her. Uncontrolled anger can cause anxiety, ruin our dearest relationships, or jeopardise our careers, so it is very important to be able to properly understand and direct this powerful emotion. Although this is not easy – and for many people it is a very complex path – the question of how to deal with it consciously is the choice of the artist Anastasia Alekhina. Many years after what the artist herself defined as “a toxic relationship” with a partner who was unable to manage their anger, she created a “self-punishing” electronic device that acts as a mediator between a person with anger issues and society. In “The criticism of violence 2.0” the artistic object looks like a piece of jewellery, but is actually a self-control tool capable of delivering a mild electric shock when triggered by the wearer’s cries. A punishment, a warning sign marking a boundary? Perhaps more a gesture of self-awareness; the voluntary decision to wear a functional piece of jewellery that cannot be hidden and is indeed capable of triggering an increased manifestation of aggression both for the “offender” and for those in their company.