Intergalactic Omniphonics, music for literally everybody


How we can detach from musical instruments and music in general the social and cultural background that is inevitably attached to them and to the composer, and make music, being potentially enjoyed by not only everybody but all species? The project “Intergalactic Omniphonics” by Jonathon Keats is meant to address this need. In collaboration with music professors William Bares and Wayne Kirby of the University of North Carolina-Asheville, he has created an abstract score and instruments for a ‘Universal Anthem’ which should be accessed by any living entity. They’re played by instruments that actuate electromagnetic and gravitational waves, so ’hearable’ by any organism: a ’light harp’, ’gamma ray bells’, and a ’gravitational cello’. The inclusive nature of the work is remarkable, making ‘sound’ a truly universal language.


Jonathon Keats & The Copernican Orchestra