Phonoptic Readers, pattern-based optical sounds


The so-called “resurgence of analogue” media defines the rediscovery and enthusiasm for analogue technologies over ubiquitous and omnipotent digital technologies. Phonoptic Readers by Enrique del Castillo falls into this category. The artist created an optical-aural system, building himself two optical readers and composing repeating patterns onto 35 mm films without emulsion, based on the wave frequency of pure notes, to create sound compositions. In effect, the readers transform light into sounds, with different reproduction speeds influencing the constant variation in the composition. Presented at the festival In Sonora, the work is reminiscent of the experiments of Oskar Fischinger in the 1930s, but with an integrated project of custom machines and purposely asynchronous reproduction, unpredictably unfolding under the audience’s eyes.


Enrique del Castillo – Phonoptic Readers