edited by Tanya Ravn Ag – Digital Dynamics in Nordic Contemporary Art


intellect, ISBN-13: 978-1783209484, English, 442 pages, 2019, UK

Investigating media art in a limited geographical territory has frequently been attempted with mixed results, often claiming tenuous connections between the specific use of technologies and the specific place. Fortunately, this book is different. Tanya Ravn Ag has investigated the use of media art in Nordic countries, and here she invites carefully selected scholars to provide relevant contributions to the topic, producing an extremely useful and applicable study. The book is divided into two main sections. In the first, “Artist testimonials”, Nordic artists react to a shared series of topics, in a collective unfolding of artistic attitudes, perspectives and cultural contexts. While the very different statements sometimes give a free form impression, the overall content is inspiring and informative. The second section consists of 15 scholars and curators’ essays (plus the author’s conclusions), and addresses fields, scenes and territories in Nordic countries. If Finland, Denmark and Norway had, for example, an international significant role in net.art, through these essays it is possible to peek into decades of intricate relationships in these territories where artists have been supported by both institutions and society. The contributor’s line-up is impressive and their essays are a well-informed contribution to the writing of media art history.