(edited by) Caroline Profanter, Henry Andersen, Julia Eckhardt – The Middle Matter: sound as interstice


umland editions, ISBN-13: 978-9082649543, English, 196 pages, 2019, Belgium

The ‘space of sound’, or the place where sound is perceived, can be interpreted as a philosophical space. It is the internal space where sound is physically interpreted, and the external space that defines where precisely the sound can be heard. If we think of sound as occupying and infiltrating spaces, especially those in between others, we can understand the spirit of this edited publication. The Middle Matter documents the final editing process that took place after the symposium “Sound & Participation”, and subsequent residencies and activities that took place at the “Oscillation – On Sound’s Nature” festival. It includes material on the 10 residency projects, and an original investigation of the ‘audience’ as a concept, with its shifting meaning in experiments with sound. Contributions are provided in heterogeneous styles (mostly essays and interviews) and these offer a deep insight into how artists and musicians perceive and enact these liminal territories where sounds acts as a “betweening” of space. Through this specific lens, the nature, impact and strategic use of sound is enriched and its perception and diffusion to the audience is rethought and expanded in both space and time. Admittedly, this is not a catalogue, but “part of the research” of the festival, a contribution that consolidates a vital body of knowledge.