Golfvorm, the sound of iron-based micro-dynamic tension


Do stressed materials emit sound waves? Yes, definitely, as we learn from the existence of Ultra Acoustic Emissions, or “ultra high and ultra short acoustic waves that travel through materials in conditions of stress.” Christoph De Boeck has brilliantly used these in his piece “Golfvorm,” where he reflects on iron in its different embodiments. Salt vapor emerges from below a steel sheet. This in turn oxidizes the steel sheet, causing iron to emerge. Furthermore, the sheet is bent by the weight of several iron mineral stones. Sensitive microphones capture the acoustic emissions of this process, which are scaled down and amplified, while the microscopic cracks produce abrupt sounds. The ongoing tension of the work creates a mesmerizing piece – revealing a process that happens right in front of our eyes but in an almost imperceptible space. Here De Boeck assembles a micro-dynamic sense of sound, reflected in materials, shapes and induced acoustics.


Christoph De Boeck – Golfvorm