Claire M Singer – Solas


2CD – Touch

Claire M Singer is a well-known Scottish composer and instrumentalist accustomed to the formalities of tradition but also comfortable with electronics, musical direction and live multimedia. Solas (“light” in Gaelic) is her slightly belated debut album released by Touch. The album consolidates he artist’s research made possible by the nineteenth-century organ built by Henry Willis at the Union Chapel in London, an institution where Singer leads an extremely updated and rich program of concerts and educational workshops. The title track boasts sacred and majestic sequences but the other pieces made with the organ are equally impressive such as “Wrangham” and “The Molendinar”. “Wrangham” is made in combination with a cello, while “The Molendinar” uses a series of electronic devices. A third track features only the organ. “The Molendinar” composition occupies CD two in its entirety and was co-commissioned in 2015 by Civic Room, Glasgow and Union Chapel, London to celebrate Glasgow’s Molendinar Burn Project, an event that took place in June 14, 2016, at Glasgow Cathedral. This track draws us in an involves us totally in its enveloping and enchanting, neo-classical and powerfully meditative sequences, punctuated at times with audio-micro-emergencies, then meticulously engulfed in the polyphonic unfolding at others. The entire set of electronic/acoustic compositions emphasises subtleties and small details; while Singer always embraces an iterated style, she favours orchestrations that are complemented by percussions or by violin, cello or piano.


Claire M Singer – The Molendinar [Touch]