Unfit-Bits, DIY subversive (not) exercising


Fitness data has become one of the most popularly produced “big data” about us as quantified selves. The tricky mechanism, successfully enabled by fitness-related technologies, aims to grant instant rewards through slick interfaces and precise quantifications, inherently subverting the fact that it takes time and patience to be fit. This is the territory where US-based artists Surya Mattu and Tega Brain intervene with a sarcastic fake product. The “Unfit-Bits” is a company “investigating DIY fitness spoofing” with techniques that generate data correctly but without physical activity, such as by attaching the Fitbit to a slow drill instead of working out. The hilariously tricks detailed are reviving the tradition of fake products in net art, although they don’t pretend to be totally trustable. Indeed, the final explicit purpose is to lie to insurance companies, or better yet, to be altogether free from their blackmailing surveillance.


Surya Mattu – Unfit-Bits


Surya Mattu – bike_mute


Surya Mattu – drill_mute