Ricardo Donoso –­ Machine To Machine


CD – Denovali

Double vinyl, digital and single CD are all available formats for this new work by Brazilian artist Ricardo Donoso (now based in Boston), who is well-known for his experimental releases on Denovali. Initially a percussionist, Donoso now creates stirring soundscapes with masterful control over electronic processing. The German label was founded in 2005 and has been devoted to maintaining an eclectic approach, publishing a wide variety of musical materials, including works that embrace subliminal techniques – some even borrowed from the world of advertising – such as backmasking, ZMET and hidden messages – in order to emotionally involve audiences, organising complex listening patterns and hybrid rhythmic sequences with melodies and abstract treatments. No one can deny the elegiac strength of this production – even non-fans of the genre. The tunes are tinged with a neo-classical charm that involves percussion and orchestral passages. As the flow modulates, new forms of meditation become implicit alongside a move towards cinematic, cosmic and analogue sounds. The inspiration behind Machine To Machine is strong, paying homage to a variety of styles and moods, including thinkers such as Edward Bernays, Gustave Le Bon and Ernest Dichter. This is a multifaceted project that displays a remarkable technical awareness.


Ricardo Donoso – Dance of Attunement