FM Einheit + Irmler – Bestandteil


CD – Klangbad

The duo consists of F.M. Einheit, the renowned percussionist and actor, and Hans Jochaim Irmler, keyboardist in the Krautrock group Faust. The pair collaborated between 2012 and 2015, meeting at Faust’s studio for eight jam sessions, each lasting two days. The result of this three-year partnership is an unusual and experimental bricolage. What emerges, layer upon layer, is a richness of timbre, a xylophone, sub-bass frequencies, percussion, prepared piano, the sound of an organ, and snatches of jazz and cinematic interludes. Leftovers from orchestral recordings that Einheit made for various theatre music productions are interspersed with raw sections in which Irmler uses a distorted organ to produce other distorted musical textures. Musical structures, once built up, are continually undone, so much so that it is difficult to imagine a single strategy behind the project, which contains strong improvisational moments and an abstracted approach, and an enjoyable, somewhat chaotic sophistication. In short, the duo has yet to prove that, as Einstürzende Neubauten sang, “there is no beauty without danger”.


Klangbad | Reset – FM Einheit Irmler