Rare Earthenware, crafting the sense of guilt


The social black hole where all the electronic waste is left to poison the environment is one of the most cowardly and paradoxical situations created by western industries. “Rare Earthenware” by Unknown Fields Division (in collaboration with Kevin Callaghan) is a brave and radical project in which they took mud from a radioactive lake in Inner Mongolia (where the “rare earth elements”, essential for our digital devices are refined). With this mud they crafted a set of three ceramic vessels proportional to the amount of waste created by a smartphone, a laptop and the cell of a smart car battery, and displayed at V&A museum in London. The universal sense of guilt is here moulded in the craft together with its raw material, bringing back the insane, exquisite form, representing endlessly hungry Western consumption, and trying to short circuit the deadly flows we’re creating.


Rare Earthenware – 4K Trailer