NHK – Program



NHK is a collaborative project initiated in 2006 by Kouhei Matsunaga and Toshio Munehiro, Japanese artists who live and work in Osaka. Matsunaga operates under several different pseudonyms such as NHK’Koyxen, NHKyx, Internet Magic and Koyxen, while his colleague goes by the moniker fm ™. Together they have begun making some rather harsh experimental dub techno that features hypnotic, repetitive sequences sequences. Between the grooves we encounter minimalist interactions and rhythmic noises, delivered in an abstract, rarefied and contemporary manner. It is what might be called “the conceptualization of a sound”, a movement away from more defined stylistic areas into territory that overflows with synthetic, artificial and machinic sounds. Post-post-machine-techo could be the conclusion, a music strictly innervated by click’n’cuts suggestions, glitches, ticks, frequencies and razor-sharp noises. The recipe is not brand-new but the kitchen is perfect, with mixed soundscapes that flow like heartbeats, with surreal rustles, bumps, ringing and elliptical atonal vibrations. There is electrical hum and strident digital overlays, all remodelled in the guise of tortuous rhythms and narrative structures, alongside digitally reshaped found sound. Los Angeles label LINE and Richard Chartier have a strong inclination towards visual arts and multimedia and can be proud of this release: an impeccably crafted production that engages without being punitive, balancing consistency and variety over the course of its nine tracks.


NHK’Koyxen Boiler Room Berlin Live Set


NHK feat. XiX ‘A2 845’