Biosphere Deathprod – Stator


CD – Touch

Geir Jenssen and Helge Sten – better known as Biosphere and Deathprod – have been called by Touch to create a project that is not a collaboration but rather a real split release, a selection that diligently alternates between productions by both experimenters. These musicians are accustomed to performing in clubs at international festivals for their respective scenes: the former on the ridge between laptop music and video art, the latter with an even more more unconventional set, full of homemade electronics, old tape echo machines, ring modulators, filters, a theremin, samplers and a lots of electronic stuff. The alternating playlist seems to multiply one commonality between the two: a thick and snug sound – creating a continuum that is both dense and cohesive. It matters little whether this symbiosis was intentional or whether one artist decided to voluntarily migrate their sound towards the other. What should be noted is the primordial beauty of the result, which presents inhospitable, ethereal spaces and jittery auditory chains that are suspended between time, space and energy, creating mesmerizingly abstract and quintessential moods. Passages featuring bleak melodies that ring through harmonic soundscapes and twisted drones are by now fairly traditional for the ambient genre, but they still capture our attention with their strength, consistency and elegance. The project was originally commissioned by the organizers of Tape To Zero festival and the two Norwegian artists willingly subject themselves to the proven technique of cadavre exquis, developing – apparently – tracks one after another.


Deathprod – Disc [Touch]


Biosphere – Space Is Fizzy [Touch]