Oliveros / Rothenberg / Hill – Cicada Dream Band


CD – Gruenrekorder

There’s an unusual story behind this release. In 2013, millions of cicadas invaded the metropolitan area of New York. These insects with a musical attitude appear only once every seventeen years and some consider the event a good omen. David Rothenberg, Pauline Oliveros and vocalist harmonic Timothy Hill are among these believers and using a V-Accordion (Roland digital accordion), various clarinets, iPad, and field recordings – and of course vocals – they decided to celebrate the event. Although the work constitutes electroacoustic improvisation there is a full range of influences on show here from jazz to contemporary virtuosic Tibetan singing, chamber music and film soundtracks. The recordings were created in the spirit of open free-form composition and they took place at Dreamland Studios in West Hurley, NY, with Adam Armstrong as a sound engineer. The sequences were subsequently mixed and mastered by Rothenberg at Draakonipuu in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Between the grooves of the compositions we find European blackbirds, a more melodious warbler, a mime sage, frogs and a Latvian Megaptera novaeangliae. The inspiration moved beyond the initial impulse but everything is kept in the ranks with no excessive adulteration, displaying a strong and refined musicality.


Cicada Dream Band | Pauline Oliveros & David Rothenberg & Timothy Hill