Anne-F Jacques & Tim Olive – Dominion Mills


CD – 845 Audio

These three newly created tracks by Canadians Tim Olive (who runs the 845 label) and Anne-F Jacques feel homogenous in their inspiration and quality of sound. The sounds forming the record were amplified and manipulated by “rotating devices”, and “magnetic pickups”, homemade by Olive himself, were also used as tools for sound creation. The resulting sounds, which have a shrill, penetrating quality, were recorded in real time and mastered without any looping or overdubbing. The recording flows with a natural grace, combining mechanical repetitions, guttural sounds and wind instruments. The different source materials are clearly distinguishable, even in sections where multiple layers of sound have been stacked. The pair improvised using an electro-acoustic setup for thirty minutes, creating a “quasi-continuum” in which tiny acoustic moments and vibrations are perceivable, with little space given over to longer drones. The duo’s technique allows for continuous interaction: each is able to develop solo parts or wait for the other to continue, following a general thematic arrangement or following their partner’s moves, allowing everything to merge into a larger structural cohesion. The improvised evolutions develop freely and passionately, imbuing the fleeting sounds with a subtle choral quality that keeps the listener rapt.


Dominion Mills – with Tim Olive – track 3 excerpt