Deison & Mingle – Everything Collapse


CD – Aagoo

Behind the moniker Deison & Mingle are two Italians, Cristiano Deison from Udine and Andrea Gastaldello from Mantova. The authors met each other on a social network and later began to work together at a distance, thanks to their common interests. They were also able to count on another Italian experimenter for mastering – Simon Balestrazzi, who usually works on sound research and acousmatic-ambient themes. The title gives a good idea of what is to follow: the atmospheres are cavernous, dreamy, broken by field recordings, and filled with recurring loops and visions of night. However, there are also romantic and melancholic moments, even if they are veiled by light glitches and abstract minimalisms. A ghost track at the end interprets a song by Swans, a very famous band of the No Wave era, who are still active today and somehow “responsible” for the authors meeting. The vocal on “Failure” – a track from the second half of nineties, written by Michael Gira – features Daniele Santagiuliana, and continues the dark ambient and dronal vein. The album displays a careful attention to detail, including the meticulous artwork by Rev Laboratories (a personification of the Dutch producer and designer Bas Mantel), which fully transmits the great passion behind the work. The Aagoo label loves works that are complex, full of influences, beats and compositional techniques and its crew immediately shared the authors’ passion for this project.


Deison & Mingle – Everything Collapse[d]