AAVV – Muder Langage & You Muder God


book + CD – Amalgamated Torso and Such

This album booklet is actually a fanzine photocopy and in its first pages the album is literally defined as “a compilation of fluid contributions from various practitioners of the noise arts compiled and directed by traitmediaworks and produced and distributed by Amalgamated Torso and Such”. Later, we discover there is also a “luxury” edition for sale, a hardback version with a rubber stamp prominent on the cover. However, the CD of both versions contains the same music, with work by GRUNT, Karl J. Paloucek, AMK, Vertonen, Bryce Beverlin ll, Jeph Jerman, Kommisar Hjuler, Miguel A. Garcia, MINDVOID and Eric Lunde. All these artists are well known for their work in experimental noise and in spite of the obvious differences between each there is a surprising degree of continuity that runs through the album. The impression of cohesion we find can perhaps be attributed to the work of TraitMediaWorks. The label, founded by Eric Lunde, is characterized by a peculiar audacious taste for the sound research, not unconnected from a very arty and eighties approach. This approach is rooted in Dadaist culture and the experimental and avantgarde collages typical of the visual-literary imaginary of that age. Lunde returns as a character from the past, not as an ancestor but as a member of the family. Actually, the question of the cultural genealogy of the project is not essential: what matters are the “links” between these new pieces of “history”, the natural coexistence between the old elements and the latest research in this specific sound field.