AAVV – Between


CD – 12K
Recorded live at the Kinse Ryokan in Kyoto, on 8th October 2012, Between is the creation of an ensemble of uncommon talent and inspiration. It is rare to come across a roster that combines such names as Taylor Deupree, Simon Scott, Corey Fuller, Marcus Fischer and Tomoyoshi Date. Althoughthe work of a formidable team, the textures in Between are not overwrought and there is no pervading sense of incoherence through multiple voices. The varying stylistic approaches that inform the whole are not so easily identified, however. The treatments are sensitively realized, conjuring whispering, ethereal atmospheres. They are well defined in their harmonic movements, remaining quiet and sweetly melancholic. The album consists of a series of small details shared, a transient condensation of breaths and airy essential musicality, “tuned” with the assistance of contact microphones, eccentric audio captures and harmonic glares. The location of the performance – a traditional Japanese inn, refurbished with touches of art deco during the first Showa age – has proved to be a suggestive environment, with interesting acoustical properties generated by wooden floors and glass walls. The work breathes life into a calm and enchanting location in which it is possible to find refuge, connecting with the tradition of the ryokan, where travellers could stay, finding shelter and rest during long journeys. 12K should be very satisfied – another small but precious gem added to the catalogue of this praiseworthy label.