John Cage – Song Books

John Cage

2CD + booklet – Sub Rosa
The re-release of a John Cage work always gives a reviewer the opportunity to underline the importance of this figure in the evolution of the contemporary music. 2012 saw the hundredth anniversary of the composer’s birth, resulting in celebrations and special event across the world. John Cage was a very special author, theorist and an absolute pioneer of the most atypical and progressive events of twentieth century music. He was fundamental to the elaboration of key concepts such as open-endedness and unconventional instrument usage. Compositions like 4′33″ (4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence) were able to overturn the traditional relationships between life and art. The Song Books are a collection of short works from 1970 that includes four kinds of tracks: songs, songs performed with electronic instruments, notes for theater performances and notes for theater performances with electronic instruments. According to Cage’s instructions, “any of them could be performed by one or more singers” and a variety of music notation systems are considered. Originally conceived in three volumes, the collection is now presented by Sub Rosa in a 2 CD package with a 24-page booklet, complete with pictures, scores, exclusive content and the first ever recording of “Solos for Voice”.