Terre Thaemlitz – Soulnessless

Terre Thaemlitz

Pen Drive USB/Micro SD – Comatose
It takes around 15 minutes to copy the 15.66 Gb of audio files, videos and texts to our hard disk. This memorable release by Terre Thaemlitz for Comatose Recordings includes 32 hours worth of MP3s, 80 minutes of films and more than 150 pages of PDFs. It seems implicit that such a quantity of material can’t be analyzed “normally”, in a purely critical way; I was thinking about this while loading my MicroSD card on the USB adapter, an action not usually correlated with the usual enjoyment of music. Terre Thaemlitz doesn’t need too many introductions: his productions for Comatose, Mille Plateaux and Instinct Ambient are many, and the project developed under the DJ Sprinkles moniker for Mule Musiq and Skylax is well known, not to speak of his engagement as a multimedia artist, writer and cross-cultural activist. Soulessness is essentially made of several audio compositions and texts, images and talks on religion and faith: a “writing” that includes two different musical scores, the first one composed of 11 tracks, subdivided in songs and “bonuses”, and the second forming a 29 hour-long continuum. The text is equally strong in body and “feelings” (“I have never encountered a form of spirituality that did not involve the reification of ignorance”), thus Terre Thaemlitz “baptizes” us in the first lines of “Rosary Novena for Gender Transitioning”), all brilliantly imagined, only apparently with naïveté (the author is careful not to approach his readers in an “intellectual” or “theoretical” way, though a strong personal involvement is evident – as well as the conditions for inner division that provoke a love/hate sentiment towards Catholicism). It’s a work that, in the end, doesn’t merely discredit religion as much as fake believers (those in the experimental scene, too).