Luis Tabuenca, Wade Matthews – Punto Cero Aragón

Luis Tabuenca

CD – Aural Terrains
In the form of a reflection on emotional, psychological and physiological involvements with the words “home” and “territory”, the sounds that underlie this project include words, narrated stories, cracklings, shouts, croaks of frogs, whirlpools and winces of the most variegated kinds. Field recordings, percussion, raw and polished electronic elaborations – these are some of the sounds populating “Punto Cero Aragón”. A sort of restless setting has been formed; the result of a many-sided and experimental approach with abundant ambient influences. The entire project has been coordinated by the ethnomusicologist Ana Maria Jimenez-Alarcón and funded by the Aragona region, part of the Spanish Pyrenees, a land of great contrasts and magnificent landscapes. The corresponding auditory world is equally rich, with a very broad palette of frequencies and coordinates. Insects, swishes, barely recognizable sounds, and dark, dynamic textures have been interwoven in a very original and sensitive way – the result of the mastery of Luis Tabuenca: drummer, improviser and all-round performer, who here integrates effectively with the electronic modulations of Wade Matthews, a sound artist who has rethought his routes and musical languages and is a fine exponent of real-time creation. The more dilated and insisted moments – the notes broken by long silences – are followed by broad and harmonious resonances, characteristic in their timbre and structure, happily averse to every normal custom and harmonic scale.