The Futureplaces Impromptu All-Stars Orchestra – Poststop

The Futureplaces Impromptu All-Stars Orchestra

CD – Cronica Electronica
This very enjoyable and original release has been produced by Heitor Alvelos, Anselmo Canha eand Marc Behrens and mastered by the latter and Miguel Carvalhais, at the end of a two-day workshop and live show that took place in October 2010 in the city of Oporto. It is the result of the fertile confluences of Futureplaces, a digital media festival focused on the themes of technology and creativity. The workshop was run with help from the MediaLab Prado “Neighborhood Science Network” partnership and took place at the CCStop, a disused shopping center transformed in a musical community. Throughout this period several sound artists, videomakers and manipulators of different kinds alternated, in a multitude of musical languages. The final performance, the closing act of the festival, explored the idea that mass media are becoming even more crucial when fed by a contextual creativity, full of aesthetic convergences and open to a multiplicity of the cultural influences. The selection available on the CD offers a realistic overview of the participations, although the original audio material has been significantly enriched. In addition to those authors already mentioned we also come across the former Tuxedomoon Blaine L. Reininger (artistic director of the event), @c, JoãoMartins and Filipe Silva. All of them are talented representatives of the experimental and electronic scenes and definitely a crew that doesn’t deserve to be undervalued.