AAVV – Table For Six: All Quiet? #3


CD – EE Tapes

EE Tapes have released an interesting collection of ambient electronica, made with contributions from six different authors, who have each composed one extended track between 10 and 13 minutes long. We will try to mention everybody: first up is the Italian Neuestrasse with “Buio Omega”, a synthetic, dark score that is followed by Stormhat (aka Peter Bach Nicolaisen), a Danish sound-artist who in “Substanser” evocatively articulates field recordings, drones and multi-levelled layers of sound. Next it’s the turn of Berlin-based Anemone Tube, with “Projected Cataclysm”, from whose sequences emerge restless and rarefied electronic threads, the end result of a very complex and artistically introverted sensitivity. Bruno De Angelis isn’t lacking inspiration in his preparation of the many improvised elements and pseudo-melodies in “Every Man Is A Civil War”, while Frans de Waard in “Wortel (Root)” seems more focused on a kind of absence, using faint hissing sounds sampled from old tapes that are put together in a very evocative ways. The last track is “Ambience # 01 Electric Potatoes” by (ad)vance(d), which confirms the dense and mysterious appeal of the record.