Dimitri Voudouris – ΑΛΘ=Φ / UVIVI / 1:Θφ4 / ΟΝΤΑ:

Dimitri Voudouris

CD – Pogus

The second release for the label Pogue by the Greek-born South African composer Dimitri Voudouris, an artist whose output is never predictable, focuses on the psycho-acoustic nature of auditory phenomena and on the characterizations they assume in different human relations, in macro-contexts, in daily events and in less complex dynamics. It is precisely the morphological study of each sound source that is the starting point from which Voudouris restores some degree of order, organizing sensitive blocks of elements and frequencies – micro-environments that make up the structure of the entire project. “All Tracks in this album to be played loud” warns the author, confirming the chaosmotic nature of a work with a thousand paths – one that is both elusive and extremely dynamic. The collage of sounds, arranged between voices and digital machinery, also draws on more traditional techniques of electroacoustic improvisation, without ever relaxing its tension, creating an imaginative landscape, multi-faceted, ever-changing and reverberating.